Share Files & Collaborate with Your Colleagues in China

Secure cross border file transfer between China and the rest of the world

No VPN needed to access files in Mainland China

Nihao Cloud can be easily accessed without any VPN even though it’s not hosted in Mainland China.  

VPN restrictions are becoming more and more complex in Mainland China. For companies doing business between Mainland China and Overseas its a perfect solution to Share Files and Collaborate between International teams.

Share Files without Limits

  • Business Cloud
  • Global Sync
  • Encryption
  • Live Support
Private Business Cloud

Cloud Storage for all your work files. Upload your files to the cloud where you can have global access straight from your laptop, phone or browser.

You can share files not only with your users, but also generate download or upload links. 

Share Files with with no boundaries 

With NiHao Cloud files and libraries sync fast and easy in any country. Your colleagues in Mainland China can share files to anyone in the world, without needing to use VPN and users in USA or Europe can instantly sync or download with acceptable speed. 

Protect Your Private Libraries

All of your data is stored on Amazon AWS and by default encrypted. You can also Encrypt end to end any of your libraries or download links, to protect your sensitive data.  

Get help instantly

NiHao Cloud provides Live Support Chat where anyone can reach support on the live chat or even social media like WeChat or Facebook.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Their customer service is amazing!

Maria Juana MathewsDirector

Our sourcing team and is scattered all over the world (Spain, China, Hong Kong, Colombia & Ecuador). Sharing real-time data is vital to our business and we were having all sorts of difficulties and delays sharing heavy files and artworks with our Chinese office and vendors. Nihao Cloud has been life changing! Their customer service is amazing. I’m not IT savvy and each time I’ve had an issue or question their Helpdesk has been able to solve it within minutes. Amazing! Highly recommend this service

Chemical Product Trading

Jacques CollongeCEO

Before signing up for Nihao we always had problems with Internet in China.

I would recommend using Nihao Cloud to anyone who has an office in China and has challenges sending files through China Firewall.

Professor of Management

Stephane GagnonProfessor

You are the only service with a multi-lingual interface, all others in China have only Chinese. I’ve tried 4 others and all are restricted to Chinese, and some are very slow. NiHao Cloud is by far the best. Truly impressed.

No hesitation at all. But believe me. When you’re stuck with Chinese-only services and it’s urgent to send files, NiHao Cloud saves the show.

 Manage Your Users & Data

  • User Control
  • Organized Data

Manage Your Users

Manage your users by giving access rights to the right departments, groups and libraries. You can choose which user has Admin rights to add files and which users only can view-read files.

Organize Your Data

Separate your data in specific departments or teams. All of the group members can access the files they need to and collaborate through chat. Each group can have multiple Admin that can control permissions for specific libraries.

Data Control & Security

  • Admin Panel
  • Anti-Virus
  • History
  • Back-Up

Be in charge of your data

Each Business account has an Admin Panel where you can manage all of your users, group permissions, devices and download links. 

Antivirus Check 

Your system is automatically checked if there are no infected files with viruses that could affect your data. 

File History

Monitor changes made on your cloud. Important file got deleted by mistake? No problem, every user can search history and recover files. Admins can recover even deleted files.  

Data Backup

All your data is backed up by Amazon Web Services, making sure you will never loose your data. 

What Our Free Users Are Saying

Great to share files with China partners

Karen Baartmans

I like this format once I figured out how to use the library function.

If you want to share files with China partners, then it’s a great solution!

Retail Company

Lea ChateauBusiness Owner

Currently, we send out file cd’s from Canada to our partners in China and we are looking for a cost-effective solution for them to have access to the files. We chose Nihao Cloud since it’s one of the top-rated ones according to quora in terms of downloading speed.

Have to send over large graphics to China

Samantha GGraphic Designer

I’m a graphic designer for a vaping company and had to send over large graphics to China for them print the labels.

Dropbox and google drive doesn’t work in China when I have to send files over so this was the first free alternative I had found. Works pretty easy. Was happy Nihao has an English and Chinese version so we both get the version we need.

Just give it a try, it’s free. If it doesn’t work out for you, at least you tried.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services

We hosting all your files at the biggest & most reliable data center in the world.

Based On Seafile FileSharing Technology

NiHao Cloud infrastructure is based on Seafile Technology as the enterprise framework along with Amazon AWS hosting and many other secret ingredients that result in exceptional cloud storage solution for cross border file transfer with Mainland China

Start Sharing Files Free

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Nihao cloud service is available in the Chinese Mainland?

Yes its available in China and it works fast without needing VPN. China Mainland users need to use different login domain names that are tested to work in China. It also has Chinese language to make it easy to use for Chinese colleagues.

Can I use NiHao Cloud in the United States?

Yes of course!  NiHao Cloud Servers are located in Asia Pacific area, therefore is accessible globally, anywhere on the planet with world wide web access. 

Does NiHao provide same service like goole drive or dropbox?

Yes we are similar to other cloud file sharing services such as dropbox, box or google drive. We are not as fancy, but we do the trick for cross border China connection. 

Why NiHao Cloud is not blocked in China? 

NiHao Cloud is focusing on only China-Overseas connection. Our servers are based outside of China with special lines to China. 

Does NiHao shares files with china government? Does the government keep a copy of sensitive business files?

Absolutely not. NiHao Cloud servers are not located in China, therefore no one gets access to your data. Even more so, even NiHao engineers cannot access your data. Our software is created for enterprises with highest security standards. 

How much free space I get on Free Version? 

On Free by default you get 2GB storage space. Click here to see prices on Personal Pro and Business versions

How to Upgrade to Pro version? How much does it cost?

First you need to have a free account, then you can upgrade existing free account to either Personal Pro or Business packages. See latest pricing here

What features do I get on Business versions? 

Is WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive blocked in Mainland China? 

WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive  are not accessible in Mainland China. Users in Mainland China need to use VPN to access these sites or open download links. NiHao Cloud users can access files in China without a VPN, using specific unblocked domains. Learn more https://nihaocloud.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021015773-How-to-Share-Files-to-Mainland-China-Users-

What is the best way to send files to Mainland China? 

The best way to send files to Mainland China is to use service like NiHao Cloud. Sharing files with China can be tricky since many services like dropbox or google drive are blocked. NiHao Cloud allows users in China to access cloud storage& shared folders without the need of VPN. Learn more how to send files to Mainland China users here