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How NiHao Cloud Complies with GDPR

How NiHao Cloud Complies with GDPR 

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Disclaimer: This post does not serve as legal advice and should be considered only as guidelines in your GDPR or China cyber-security planning. You should work with your legal counsel to make the right decisions based on your business needs and circumstances.

What is GDPR?

General Data Privacy Regulation, or GDPR, takes effect on May 25, 2018. The legislation will have a big impact on the way marketers approach their work and the way organizations obtain, store, manage or process the personal data of EU citizens. Even though NiHao Cloud stores its user data outside of the EU, the new law still applies to us, and thus our services comply with GDPR regulations.

How we keep your data safe

Data security has always been the top priority for NiHao Cloud. When designing, deploying and maintaining our network, services and applications, we strive to offer solutions that meet the industry’s strictest privacy regulations. Here is how NiHao Cloud is compliant with GDPR:

1. Infrastructure:

We choose the biggest and most secure hosting partner AWS (Amazon Web Services) to setup NiHao Cloud platform. We ensure a maximum security of you personal data by utilizing AWS tools and services in areas that are applicable for NiHao Cloud. Your data is secured by AWS and their GDPR ready compliance certificates:Learn more on how Amazon AWS helps us conform GDPR:

2. NiHao Cloud Service:

NiHao Cloud only collects essential data to provide professional services for our users/customer. This includes users ID/name, email address, device type & IP. This data can be seen by every organization administrator, as required by GDPR.

When users delete their accounts from NiHao Cloud and unsubscribe from marketing mailing lists, NiHao Cloud does not keep email addresses for any further use.

3. List of Vendors

NiHao Cloud has carefully chosen 3rd party marketing and support vendors that comply with GDPR.

  • NiHao Cloud Website: NiHao Cloud website is built on Thrive Themes, a 3rd party web page building tool that is compliant with GDPR. Learn more on their website
  • NiHao Cloud Support & Chat: NiHao Cloud uses support & chat system provided by Zendesk. Learn more about how they abide by GDPR on their website :
  • NiHao Cloud Mailing Notifications: NiHao Cloud uses Drip to send important notifications regarding service and educational or promotional emails. Learn more on how Drip conforms GDPR via their website.

Recommended Resources

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