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Best Cloud Storage for Multinational teams  collaborating with China & Asia

 26 Languages 

Navigate our software in your native language. We support 26 languages including: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, German and more.  

Special route to China

We focus on fast cross border connection to China. Our users in China can easily access and upload files without needing to use VPN. 

Mobile Friendly

You can access your files on the go through mobile apps and desktop syncing clients. We support iOs, Android and Linux systems.  

Automatic Sync

Sync libraries & work documents to the cloud automatically, allowing your team members to receive shared files instantly. 

High Performance

Our  core software is built on C,  meaning our technology is as close to ones and zeros as it gets, resulting in fast performance globally.  

Built in Encryption

You can encrypt your libraries with your own secure password, that encrypts all files. Even the system admin can’t view the files.

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