Pricing 2020

NiHao Cloud Pricing

Plans for Single User 

FREE Account

  • 2 GB  Storage 
  • Web Access in Mainland China 
  • 10 GB Monthly Traffic*
  • Display Ads


Personal PRO 

  • 100 GB  Storage 
  • Web Access in Mainland China 
  • Ads Free
  • Shared Libraries 
  • Download links require VPN in China 

US$10monthly 6

Plans For Teams & Collaboration



min 3 users

  • 100 GB Storage
  • Shared Libraries 
  • User Access in Mainland China
  • Admin Panel 
  • Live Wikis
  • File Locking & Search
  • User Groups & Permissions 



min 3 users

  • 2 TB Storage 
  • Shared Libraries
  • User Access in Mainland China
  • Admin Panel 
  • Live Wikis
  • File Locking & Search
  • User Groups & Permissions 



min 3 users

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Shared Libraries
  • User Access in Mainland China
  • Admin Panel 
  • Live Wikis
  • File Locking & Search
  • User Group & Permissions

if less than 5 users, 1 TB/user

Looking for Custom Setup? 

Contact Sales to find out more details on private cloud with ultra speed MPLS lines capacity

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at NiHao we believe our cloud will transform the way you share files with Mainland China. We’re so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our services or you don’t feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the first month refunded.

What Our Customers Are Saying

PCB Production and Trade

Christoph KendlerCEO

Before using Nihao Cloud our work was permanently disturbed by blocking or slowing down – it was crappy.

I would recommend Nihao Cloud to anyone who needs Data transfer with China -it simply works.

Online Education

Frederick WinterbothamOwner

Before using Nihao Cloud we felt file sharing to China was slow and complicated.

Now I would recommend Nihao Cloud to other small international small companies.

Chemical Product Trading

Jacques CollongeCEO

Before signing up for Nihao we always had problems with Internet in China.

I would recommend using Nihao Cloud to anyone who has an office in China and has challenges sending files through China Firewall.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Hello, Nihao cloud service is available in the Chinese Mainland?

Yes its available in China and it works fast without needing VPN. China Mainland users need to use different login domain names that are tested to work in China. It also has Chinese language to make it easy to use for Chinese colleagues.

Can I use NiHao Cloud in the United States?

Yes of course!  NiHao Cloud Servers are located in Asia Pacific area, therefore is accessible globally, anywhere on the planet with world wide web access. 

Does NiHao provide same service like goole drive or dropbox?

Yes we are similar to other cloud file sharing services such as dropbox, box or google drive. NiHao Cloud focuses on cross border China connection and fast speed in Asia Pacific region. 

Why NiHao Cloud is not blocked in China? 

NiHao Cloud is focusing mostly on  China-Overseas connection, meaning even if our domain names get blocked, we find a way to provide cross-border cloud storage for our users.  Our servers are based outside of China with special lines to China to ensure stable connection and security. 

Does NiHao shares files with china government? Does the government keep a copy of sensitive business files?

Absolutely not. NiHao Cloud servers are not located in Mainland China, therefore no one gets access to your data. Even more so, even NiHao engineers cannot access your data. NiHao Cloud software is based on Seafile- Enterprises level software with highest security standards. 

How much free space I get on Free Version? 

On Free by default you get 2 GB storage space. If you need more space you can upgrade to Personal Pro 100 GB. 

What is the difference between Personal, Personal Pro and Starter packages?

Personal and Personal Pro only have 1 user- YOU. You can upload files and generate download and upload links from your account. You cannot invite more people to collaborate back and forth with you on a shared library.  NiHao Cloud download links work worldwide, but in China require VPN. Starter and Business plans allow you to add users to your organization. Users in Mainland China can use various domain names to login without needing VPN &  access files in shared libraries. 

In Summary: Personal Pro is used best for personal backup and data storage. You can access it anywhere and share download links worldwide ( except China). Starter & Business plans are best for teams that need to collaborate and share libraries anywhere in the world. 

What features do I get on Starter or Business Plans? 

What does 10 GB Monthly Traffic Mean? 

Free Accounts can upload up to 2 GB’s worth of Files. Let’s say you have a 100mb file and you have shared it with 10 people. This will amount to 100×10= 1000mb. This means you can only share 100mb file to max 100 people or 2GB file to 5 users. After you reach your monthly limitation your download links will be de-activated.