Upgrade to 2.0

Upgrade your account to NiHao Free 2.0

What you will get on 2.0 version: 

  • checkDownload links- Easily Share Files to clients or anyone, anywhere.  
  • check2GB storage space.
  • checkPersonal PRO 100GB option 
  • check3 New Business plans with 2TB and Unlimited Storage options. 
  • checkFile Search on browser and syncing clients 
  • checkFile Locking
  • checkSeamless upgrading- once upgraded you can keep all your files structure from free 
  • Shared libraries between free users- replaced by download links

Please follow these 3 simple steps to upgrade to 2.0

Step One 

1. Download all Files from FREE to PC

Make sure you download all important files from free.nihaocloud.com

In order to upgrade to 2.0 features, old free account must be deleted.

Please download all your data so you wouldn’t lose it.

Step TWO

   2. Unsync Seafile Client from Free

Un-sync all your libraries from free.nihaocloud.com server, only if you had Seafile Client or Mobile App.

If not you can skip this step. 

Step Three


Allow US to delete your old account

Once you upgrade your account to 2.0 version you will no longer need old account on free.nihaocloud.com 

By sending us your name and email, you will confirm & allow us to delete your old account. 

Then you can sign up for a new, more professional 2.0 version. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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