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China’s Public Cloud Crackdown is not Over. Update 2017

China’s public cloud crackdown is not over

Last May 2016 we tested the speed of China’s cloud providers before the big crackdown. We saw some big changes in China public cloud sector and decided to make an update. This time we got some help from daxue consulting– China market research leader to do a third party unbiased speed test. They offered us to conduct another speed test for all free cloud cloud providers in China, that do not require VPN. You can read their full guide to free Internet essentials in China, where they compared not only cloud, but also document sharing and email alternatives that work without VPN in China.

Infographics by Kevin Maher – Diatom

China’s Biggest Cloud Provider goes bust for porn, again.

6 Months ago Qihoo 360 Yun Pan got the best upload/download results within China and abroad and climbed all the way up to the ladder back in 2016 May, but recently it announced similar retreat message when couldn’t resolve security and legitimacy issues– illegal pornographic content on their servers.

Yun Pan 360 was offering 32TB per user for free!? Well we can only image what was happening on these servers and we can only wonder how much electricity China will save since these Tera-bytes of “exotic videos” will be wiped out. Maybe finally we get blue skies?

Instead, Yun Pan is going to concentrate to providing Cloud Services to businesses and most likely it will not recover back to public cloud service.

Cross Border Cloud to China

NiHao Cloud Share Files and collaborate with colleagues in China

Gradually cracking the rest

As predicted since last May 2016 many companies like 115 Cloud, Huawei’s D-bank, Kuai Pan, Vdisk from Weibo have already discontinued their free personal cloud services. Famous Wei-Yun from Tencent was able to hold up for extra 6 months, but as they state on their official website, will be shutting down in early 2017. Youdao cloud still appears on the list, but its not possible to use it anymore.

Seems like there will be only one feasible alternative left to China’s public to use Baidu Cloud. But surprise surprise, a new, free public cloud provider emerged that seems to be much faster than Baidu.

Infographics by Kevin Maher – Diatom


Recently we have spotted a new Cloud Provider that we didn’t have in our previous table. According to daxue’s data cloud le downloads and uploads within China are just about the same like any other cloud provider, but what surprises us that from USA it takes only 1 min to download and 5 min to upload. Not too bad right? I know what you thinking: where is the catch? Bad news for old Yun Pan users: No videos are allowed to upload 🙁

IBB Cloud (NiHao Cloud) 

Since last May IBB I&C Technology have been receiving huge interest from many International SMBs for more secure business cloud solution. Many sign-ups and large number of customers triggered IBB to found a new and separate compnay- NiHao Cloud. 

Update: Today NiHao Cloud offers 2GB free storage and faster than before download/upload speed. You can sign up for free here

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