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How to sync Dropbox with NiHao Cloud

How to Sync NiHao Cloud with other Clouds

This video tutorial shows you how to sync NiHao Cloud with other cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive. Essentially, you can sync any folder or file that’s stored on your laptop or other cloud platforms to NiHao Cloud, and transfer it worry-free from and to Mainland China.

Team Package Users

We understand that you’ve grown accustomed to the existing cloud platforms, where most of your files are shared with the majority of your team members. However when it comes to file syncing with Mainland China, NiHao Cloud’s professional services come in handy.

NiHao Cloud allows you to update files on your preferred cloud platforms, and automatically syncing the changes with your China-based colleagues, partners, or clients on NiHao Cloud. Vise versa, whatever changes to the file China side has made will instantly show on documents stored on your preferred cloud platforms.

Get Your Team on NiHao Cloud

Sync Files with your Team and Clients in China

Individual Package Users

Individual package users are also able to sync files from other cloud platforms to NiHao Cloud. However different from team package users, who have access to all the updates in NiHao Cloud libraries, individual package users need to generate a download link of the up-to-date version file, and send it to colleagues, partners or clients within Mainland China.

NiHao Cloud

How to share libraries, create groups & more on NiHao Pro

All you need to know quick guide to professional version of NiHao  

In this video you can quickly learn how to share libraries to other users,  create relevant groups and how manage user access rights. 

If you have any questions you can check out more on “All Admin needs to know” on our knowledge base. 

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